F*ckboys for Freedom

Edinburgh Fringe, 3rd-27th August (not 15th), 9.30pm

Pandorum Theatre Company (

Profit share


Pandorum Theatre Company are looking for two or three performers (any gender, preferably under 30) who are looking for something a little different to join us for our 2017 production of F*ckboys for Freedom:

“A risqué and murky journey through the realms of the phenomena known as “the f*ckboy”. A satirical fusion of theatre and sketch comedy playing with penises and the patriarchy. Funny, sharp, and bitingly relevant. Follow the journey through the life of a young man commonly described as a “f*ckboy” and his bizzare, hilarious, worrisome and sometimes all-too-relatable encounters with a whole host of other characters. Pandorum Theatre Company (Scottish Arts Club Theatre Awards shortlist 2016) brings you this unique piece of thought-provoking comedy theatre that you don’t want to miss.”


This year, we will be adding our own music to the show, and work on the pre-existing show, redevising some aspects too. We are looking for musicians, comedians, writers, actors, and anyone who feels like they have something to bring to the table in terms of being a creative voice and performer in the company.


If this project sounds like it would interest you, please email your CV, a headshot, a breif description of yourself, your preferred way of working, and why you would be interested in this project to before midnight, Thursday the 27th of April.



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